The theological reasons for excluding women cannot be founded on Scripture or Tradition

The theological reasons for excluding women from holy orders contradict Scripture, Tradition and Theology

The arguments adduced to bolster the ban of women priests do not stand up to scrutiny. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome is simply wrong.

For a detailed discussion of these claims and their refutation, please visit our lively debate found here.

Here we will point out some plain facts.

1. Jesus gave women an equal status in his community,


empowered them in principle, like the men, to preside at his Eucharist.


2. Until at least the ninth century AD
the Church gave
to tens of thousands of women

the full sacramental ordination
of the diaconate.

3. Through baptism women, much as men, become God’s adopted children.

This predisposes women, no less than men, to receive all the sacraments including holy orders.

“But surely Rome has declared this to be Infallible Teaching?!”

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