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The Tenacious Voice of Women Rie Vendrik and the Pontifical Commission On Women in Society and in the Church

The Tenacious Voice of Women
Rie Vendrik and the Pontifical Commission On Women in Society and in the Church

by Dirkje Donders


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  Acknowledgements 1
  Introduction 3
  Chapter I Rie Vendrik, a short biography 5
I.1. Years at Home:"Work hard and do your utmost" 5
I.2. National Activity in the Lay Apostolate 6
I.2.1. Full-time in the Catholic Young Womens’ Movement 6
I.2.2. De Horstink 8
I.2.3. Ecumenism 9
I.3 International Activity 10
I.3.1. International Young Women's Movement 10
I.3.2. Observer at the Second Vatican Council 12
I.3.3. International Council of the Laity 12
I.3.4. Pontifical Commission on Women in Society and the Church 13
I.4. The last years of her life 13
I.5. 'A woman, gentle but strong' 14
  Chapter II The Awakening of Women in the Church 15
II.1. The Feminist Movement in Society 15
II.1.1. The first Feminist Wave (approx. 1870-1920) 15
II.1.2. The Second Feminist Wave 15
II.2. The Rediscovery of the Laity in the Church 17
II.3. The Awakening of Women in the Church 18
II.3.1. Historical Survey, ca. 1960-1975 18
II.3.2. Vatican II and Papal Pronouncements 20
II.3.3. Women in the Church Discover Each other 21
II.3.4. Women in the Church in the Netherlands 23
II.3.5. Dutch Pastoral Council and Women 24
II.4. A Synod of Bishops with a 'Ticklish' Problem 24
  Chapter III A Pontifical Commission on Women: Hopeful Promise or Consolation Prize? 27
III.1. The Announcement 27
III.2. Memorandum 27
III.3. Reactions 28
III.4. The Commission Members 30
III.5. Commentary 32
III.6. The State of Church Politics 33
III.7. Preparotory Meetings 35
III.8. Commentary 37
  Chapter IV Plenary Meetings  
IV.1. The First Plenary Session 40
IV.1.1. The Meeting of 15-18 November 1973 40
IV.1.2. Commentary 46
IV.1.3. The 'Group of Five' 47
IV.1.4. What did the 'Group of Five' criticize 48
IV.1.5. The 'Group of Five' continued 49
IV.1.6. The Five Memoranda` 50
IV.2. The Second Plenary Session 52
IV.2.1. The Meeting of 28 February 3 March 1974 52
IV.2.2. Commentary 55
IV.2.3. The 'Group of Five' 56
IV.3 The Third Plenary Session 58
IV.3.1. The Meeting of 20-25 June 1974 58
IV.3.2. The Five Memoranda 64
IV.3.3. Commentary 66
IV.3.4. The ‘Group of Five’ 68
IV.3.5. The Letter to the Pope 68
  Chapter V Preparing the Final Report  
V.1. Report to the Synod of Bishops 71
V.2. Commentary 71
V.3. The ‘Group of Five’ 73
V.4. The Last Period 74
V.4.1. The Fourth Plenary Session 75
V.4.1.1. The Meeting of 2-5 December 1974 76
V.4.1.2. Commentary 82
V.4.1.3. The ‘Group of Five’ 84
V.4.2 The Fifth Plenary Session 85
V.4.2.1. The Meeting of 15-19 April 1975 85
V.4.2.2 Commentary 86
V.4.2.3. The ‘Group of Five’ 87
V.4.2.4. The Minority Note 89
V.4.3. The Sixth Plenary Session 93
V.4.3.1. The Meeting of 26-31 January 1976 94
V.4.3.2. Commentary 102
V.5. Continuing Contact after January 1976 103
V.5.1. The ‘Group of Five’ 103
V.5.2 Commentary 104
V.5.3 Breaking the Silence: 1987 405
  Chapter VI Retrospective 107
  Literature 118
  Annexes 122

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