Council Name of Document Date description Trent On Sacred Books 8 April 1546 Decree regarding the Sacred Books and the Traditions Trent On Holy Orders 15 July 1563 Doctrinal Decree on the Sacrament of Ordination Vatican I Pastor Aeternus 18 July 1870 Dogmatic Constitution on the Infallibility of the Roman Pontiff Vatican II Lumen Gentium 21 November 1964 Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Vatican II Gaudium et Spes 7 December 1965 Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World Vatican II Verbum Dei 18 November 1965 Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation Vatican II Unitatis Redintegratio 21 November 1964 Decree on Ecumenism Vatican II Dignitatis Humanae 7 December 1965 Declaration on Religious Liberty        

  1. Papal Documents on the Ordination of Women
  2. Papal Documents on Homosexuality

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