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2000 BC - 30 AD 

30 - 33 AD

Overview texts on Sacred Scripture

Traces of early ministry?

33 - 100

Restrictions on women?
* the wearing of the veil? (1 Cor 11)
* forbidden to teach? (1 Timothy)
* forbidden to speak? (1 Cor 14)

The Fathers and the question of ‘Women Priests’
Fathers of the Church who wrote on women:

Fathers who wrote on Mary’s priestly dignity:

100 - 800

Theological prejudice against women:
* ‘women are inferior’
* ‘women are sinful’
* ‘women are unclean’

Early Church councils and local synods (200-1000)
General Church Councils:

Local Synods:

200 - 1000

The ministry of women as fully ordained deacons!
* their history
* records of women deacons
* lists of women deacon saints

Women active in priestly ministries?
* in the South of Italy
* Leta presbytera
* in France
* testimony by Atto

medieval theology and ‘women priests’
medieval theologians who wrote on ‘women priests’:

Medieval theologians who wrote on ‘Mary Priest’:

1000 - 1500

‘Eve in Christian Culture’

Church law list(1100 - now)
* Decree of Gratian
* Corpus Iuris Canonici
* Codex 1917
* Codex 1983

Church Law and ‘women priests’

ancient Latin texts

the treatment of wives of clergy in the Middle Ages

devotion to St. Mary Magdalen

“The Mould for Medieval Women”

Against Nature and God”, a history of women with clerical ordination and the jurisdiction of Bishops.

Post-medieval theologians (1500-1900)
those who wrote on women:

Theologians who wrote on ‘Mary Priest’

Theologians who wrote on ‘women priests’ (1960 - 1985)

1500 - 2000

The persecution of women
* the inquisition
* witch hunts
* ‘Are women human beings?’

mistaken teaching by Popes

the devotion to Mary Priest

Rome’s documents against women priests
contemporary theologians on ‘women priests’

1975 - now

Relevant texts of recent Church Councils

Was the exclusion of women an ‘infallible’ decision?

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