The Canons of Bishop Timothy

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The Canons of Bishop Timothy

The Canonical Answers of Timothy, 680 AD (?)

Translation from the Ante-Nicene Fathers. For a complete electronic copy, visit the Christian Classics Ethereal Library, the New Advent Library. Italics in the text by John Wijngaards.

Timothy, the Most Holy Bishop of Alexandria, who was one of the Council Fathers gathered together at Constantinople, to the questions proposed to him concerning Bishops and Clerics.

Question V. “May a man or woman communicate after performing the conjugal act over night?”

Answer. “No. 1 Cor. vii. 5.”

Question VI. “The day appointed for the baptism of a woman; if on that day it happened that the custom of women was upon her; ought she then to be baptized?”

Answer. “No, not till she be clean.”

Question VII. “May a menstruous woman communicate?”

Answer. “Not until she be clean.”

Question VIII. “Ought a woman in child-bed to keep the Paschal fast?”

Answer. No.

Question XII. “If a layman ask a clergyman whether he may communicate after a nocturnal pollution?”

Answer. If it proceed from the desire of a woman, he ought not: but if it be a temptation from Satan, he ought; for the tempter will ply him when he is to communicate.

Question XIII. “When are man and wife to forbear the conjugal act?”

Answer. “On Saturday, and the Lord's day; for on those days the spiritual sacrifice is offered.”

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