Overview of the Fathers of the Church involved in the discussion on the ordination of women

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Overview of the Fathers of the Church involved in the discussion on the ordination of women

Dates Name main location
died 110 St. Ignatius Antioch in Syria
140 - 203 St. Irenaeus Marseilles in Gaul
150 - 215 St. Clement Alexandria in Egypt
155 - 245 Tertullian Carthage, North Africa
200- 250? Firmilian Caesarea in Palestine
4th cent. Ambrosiaster Italy?
315 - 403 Epiphanes Cyprus
344 - 407 St. John Chrystostom Constantinople, Asia Minor
347 - 419 St. Jerome Palestine
354 - 430 St. Augustine Hippo, North Africa
? Pseudo-Augustine ?
560 - 636 St. Isidore Seville, Spain

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