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Translation from the Ante-Nicene Fathers. For a complete electronic copy, visit the Christian Classics Ethereal Library, the New Advent Library. Italics in the text by John Wijngaards.

‘This is the likeness of God in man [the male], that he is created as the only being, from whom the others have come, and that he possesses, as it were, the dominion of God as his representative, since he bears in himself the image of the one God. So woman is not created in the image of God; that is what [scripture] says: ‘And God created man [the male], according to the image of God he created him’; and therefore the Apostle also says: ‘Man certainly must not cover his head, because he is image and reflection of God, but woman must cover her head because she is neither the reflection nor the image of God’.

“Since man, in his domination, carries the image of God, if it were to be given to woman that she is also the image of God, it leads to absurdity. For how could it be said regarding women that they are the image of God when it is clear that she is under the dominion of men and lacking any authority? For she can not teach, nor be a witness, nor give a guarantee, nor be a judge; how much less dominate!”

Pseudo-Augustini quaestiones Veteris et Novi Testamenti, CSEL 50, p. 83.

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