Uhr, Marie Louise - (1923 - 2001)

Australian scientist, biochemist, lecturer and Roman Catholic activist Marie Louise Uhr was born in Brisbane, Queensland and studied applied science at the University of Queensland and obtained a Graduate Diploma in Theology at St Mark's National Theological Centre, Canberra. Though a Catholic she joined the Anglican Movement for the Ordination of Women and served (1989 - 1991) as national vice-president. She was an early member of the WAT AC (Women and the Australian Church) was a co-founder (1993) of the OCW group (Ordination of Catholic Women). From 1994 until her death she served as national convener of the OCW. Marie Louise was a most articulate and spirited advocate for the ordination of women into a renewed ordained ministry in the Catholic Church.

She led OCW inspiringly for eight years as National Convener. In this time Marie Louise's scholarship and commitment contributed substantially to the seminal thinking about ordination of women and renewed ordained ministry within the Catholic Church.

Marie Louise Uhr's papers together with a submission by her sister Janet Uhr are included below on the understanding that if they are quoted their authorship is acknowledged and that it is clear that Marie Louise Uhr is the writer and that the National Library of Australia holds the original papers.

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OCW Inc. continued its work until 2009 having achieved its purpose of mainstreaming the understanding of the importance of ordination of women within a renewed ordained ministry in the Catholic Church and a post Vatican II practice of Catholic faith. Since 1994 OCW, representing Australia, also became a valued member of the international movement for ordination of women in the Catholic Church "Women's Ordination Worldwide" WOW.

OCW press releases and details of activities till 2009 are being included here to give an understanding of OCW's response to Vatican positions on women's ordination and renewed ordained ministry in the Catholic Church.

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