Resource for movements for Women Priests in the Catholic Church across the globe

Resource for movements across the globe

Visit our links page!Our website is used by the many international Catholic movements that promote the ordination of women on their national level.

We provide academic and pastoral documentation that all those movements need. We will print here some representative voices.

Irelandactive between 1993 and 2011

Ireland!I want to put on record how grateful we are to you and all the Housetop team for the excellent resource you have provided for the world with your website Whether one is a young school pupil, a university researcher or a member of Cardinal Ratzinger’s staff, the first place to seek authoritative information on the issue of women priests is on your website! Your website provides good summary information for the arguments both for and against, as well as the fruit of your extensive years of research. And there are many megabytes of original texts and documents available, some in their original Latin versions! A unique feature of the website is the section on women with a sense of calling to the ordained ministries. An added benefit for non-English speakers is that the website offers translations in many different languages. You have set a high standard for including texts and articles on your website and this is another reason for its fame and popularity. Finally, your website is always growing and expanding, thanks to the tireless efforts of your team at Housetop.

Colm Holmes & Soline Vatinel, BASIC – February 2002

BASIC has been working and praying for the ordination of women in the Roman Catholic Church since 1993. We are also members, and at present coordinators, of WOW (Women’s Ordination Worldwide) which is a network of groups around the world with the same aim.

Brothers & Sisters in Christ, Dublin

South Africaactive since 1996 .

Now subsumed into WOW (Women’s Ordination Worldwide.)

South Africa!We very much appreciate the website. We are a women’s ordination organization in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Most of our members do not have computers, or even access to the Internet. We therefore use the womenpriests’ website extensively in our local Newsletter WOSA (Women’s Ordination South Africa) — to share its valuable information as widely as possible!

Dina Cormick, WOSA – June 2002

WOSA was launched on August 9, 1996 in Umlazi & Durban, South Africa by Dina Cormick and Velisiwe Mkhwanazi. It has a steering committee of six: Dina Cormick (newsletter), Rosemary Gravenor (treasurer), Thoko Makhanya, Velisiwe Mkhwanazi, Betsy Oehrle, Nto Mngoma and Cherryl Stone.

South Africa!


Australian addresses!Every Catholic organization in the world that is involved in the campaign for the inclusion of women in a renewed priestly ministry, values and uses your website Your collection of material is impressive. The service you render to movements like our own is enormous. We are happy to work with you in this great enterprise of reforming the Church.

Jane Baker , Convener AOCW – November 2002

The Australian Ordination of Catholic Women was a national group of women and men who advocate the ordination of women into a renewed priestly ministry in the Catholic Church.

OCW website!

USAactive since 1977

Addresses in the USA! has become a unique resource for our movement and for all who promote the ordination of women. You have made classic texts accessible to all which could only be consulted in libraries. You rally international scholarship in support of our cause. You prove the cultural prejudice of past theology by irrefutable documentation. You are both academically reliable and pastorally sensitive. You reach out to many countries through English, Spanish and other major languages.

Genevieve Chavez , WOC – June 2002

The Women’s Ordination Conference of the Unites States was one of the first Catholic movements in the world to sponsor women priests.

WOC web site!

Wijngaards Institute for Catholic ResearchThis website is maintained by the Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research.

The Institute is known for issuing academic reports and statements on relevant issues in the Church. These have included scholars’ declarations on the need of collegiality in the exercise of church authority, on the ethics of using contraceptives in marriage and the urgency of re-instating the sacramental diaconate of women.

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