We give value for money

We give value for money

  • Lasting results

Our work produces documents on the women priests’ issue which, once copied and edited, are added to our permanent collection. We are building up a library, accessible through the Internet. We are not presenting temporary texts that soon will be out of date.

  • The multiplier factor

Your donation pays for the central office facilities that enable our 50+ volunteers to work for our web site without demanding pay. Our annual costs are £ 50,000 ($ 75,000), but it enables us to benefit from free work equivalent to at least £ 110,000 ($ 165,000) a year.

  • The people we serve

Our statistics show that our web sites attract about half a million visitors a year. Between them they read and download 3,000,000 texts a year. These figures will increase dramatically, with our translations catching on. Already more than 644 Church-related and other sites have put a link to us.

  • Educative contribution

We offer information in fifteen major languages. Since we concentrate on providing solid information, we contribute to future reform of the whole Church in a substantial way. No change will be possible without a thorough re-education.

  • Long-term value

The discussion on women priests will move through various stages: getting Church authorities to re-consider the ordination of women, preparing the faithful for this change, helping the recruitment and insertion of women candidates into the priestly ministry. During all those stages our basic documents will retain their value, even if the emphasis of presentation may need to be adapted in the course of time.

From our mailbag

Write to us!“Your pages are well done. They are informative, attractive and professional looking. They are also easy to navigate. But the important thing is the content. It gives me so much hope! It saves my faith. Please, don’t give up. We need this source of light in the Church.” Daniel, Canada

“ Catholics in Australia were enjoying a relaxed clergy more in touch with this modern world during the time of our last two Cardinals. Now we have very trad Bishops, and clashes abound. We Australians are a funny lot…. fiercely independent, not afraid to speak our minds, having little respect for authority and a distaste for being told what to do. Not unlike the Irish when you think about it … Don ’t give up!” Nancy, Melbourne

Wijngaards Institute for Catholic ResearchThis website is maintained by the Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research.

The Institute is known for issuing academic reports and statements on relevant issues in the Church. These have included scholars’ declarations on the need of collegiality in the exercise of church authority, on the ethics of using contraceptives in marriage and the urgency of re-instating the sacramental diaconate of women.

Visit also our websites:Women Deacons, The Body is Sacred and Mystery and Beyond.

You are welcome to use our material. However: maintaining this site costs money. We are a Charity and work mainly with volunteers, but we find it difficult to pay our overheads.

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